Video Muôn màu cuộc sống

Seeing through music

Dao Thi Thuy was born as a regular bright-eye child. However, when she was nine years old, her eyes suddenly became weak and her sight was reduced by 90%.
20:10 - 29/06/2022

The pathway to enjoy a future life like other children seemed to have closed behind her, but through the love and support of relatives, as well as her strong determination and great efforts, she managed to earn a place in the Vietnam National Academy of Music. She is now following her dream with a burning desire and energy that inspires everyone around her.

The film “Thuy’s dream” provides motivation for those who face both difficulties and upheavals, but spare no effort in moving forward with their lives. It also conveys a meaningful message of a revival, hope, and a strong will to improve the quality of one’s own life. It can be viewed as an inspiring story of life and love for music. In spite of being visual impaired, music has led Thuy to a new life, helping her to pursue her own dream through the melody of music. For those who endure the same plight as Thuy, it can inspire them to follow their own dreams. No matter how difficult they are, if there is enough determination, a strong will and a bit of good luck can make these dreams come true.

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